About us

About Us

Here at Enzyme Process we are all about delivering excellence when it comes to servicing the nutritional supplement industry. We have been servicing our customers since the late 1950’s. David Roderick in 1988 guided Enzyme Process into being the benchmark of excellence when it comes to delivering nutritional supplements.

What We Do

We offer vitamins and supplements, private labeling and customized manufacturing for general customers and practitioners. Our products include cosmetics, glandulars, herbs, liquezymes, pet health, proteins, vitamins and more.  For Private labeling, we bring top of the line customization to put your brand on the quality products offered. For manufacturing, we manufacture tablets, capsules and powders. When it comes to the nutritional industry we set the standard.

Our Lab

Enzyme Process is in full ownership of a top of the line manufacturing facility and a GMP certified lab which stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. We follow proper process and procedure to ensure quality and excellence. GMP or also known as cGMP is a system to ensure that the products we produce are meeting quality standards. This is to ensure that we are bringing safe and quality products to our customers.

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