Staying on Top of Your New Year’s Resolutions for Health

New year new you right? It is January 1st, 2020 and everyone is saying it is a new year for them along with a new them when it comes to health and wellness. When it comes to new years resolutions it is key to stay on top of your goals. A lot of people stay consistent for a week, maybe two and they fall off. For example, we see gym memes with January being filled with people at the gym, them when February comes it is empty again. Below we will go over things to keep in mind when it comes to making your new years resolutions to help you get started off with this new year the right way.

Rule 1: Choose a reachable goal

A reachable goal is one that you know you can do if you apply yourself. If your objective is to lose 50% of your body weight by end of year, this may not be obtainable, let alone healthy. It is important to choose goals where you control the outcome. Example, instead of saying I will lose weight, choose I will go to the gym four times a week. This is a goal that you control the outcome. If you go to the gym and apply yourself your weight may remain the same as muscle could be building while you are losing fat, therefore choosing an action item versus an outcome item is a better goal.

Rule 2: Have Backup Plans

We understand that things get in the way of your goals. Bills, emergencies, responsibilities, work, sickness, there are too many things to count that may stand in your way. Whatever it is, work around them to the best of your ability. Have a backup plan in case your day is ruined. For example, if you cannot go to the gym due to a family member being sick, compensate by eating a little healthier and perhaps do an exercise at home.

Rule 3: Do not compare yourself to others

Quite often do we all have the ideal bodies we want. They could be from looking at a celebrity or someone on social media. Keep in mind that those people have been applying themselves more than likely and have been consistent for years. So comparing yourself to someone who has been at health and wellness for years may not be a good idea. If you must, try to compare on fitness forums, these are folks usually who are either new or are there to help others who are new to the fitness community.

Rule 4: Get a health buddy

Having someone to get healthy with will make things easier. It is extremely motivating knowing someone is there with you getting healthier. It also can make things competitive but in a fun way. This also prevents you from negatively comparing yourself to others on social media which can cause discouragement.

We wish you the very best new year as 2020 is here. Please feel free to visit our online supplement store to aid you in your health and wellness goals!

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