Regular Yoga VS Hot Yoga

Yoga. What is not to love about yoga right? It is healthy, fun to do and it can be very beneficial for your body and mind. What is often mixed up is the difference between hot yoga and regular yoga. Yes, believe it or not there are two kinds of yoga. While both are very popular and both are loved, there often becomes a question. What is the difference between regular yoga and hot yoga.

Regular Yoga

To recap yoga is basically grouping mental, physical and spiritual practices all into one. There are tons of classes all around the nation now. People who do yoga really reap the benefits for not only the physical portion, but the mental portion as well. With all of these fantastic benefits, it is no surprise that yoga is still one of the most recognized healthy activities to do.

Hot Yoga

Well for hot yoga things obviously need to be a lot hotter than regular yoga. When things get hotter in terms of room temperature your heart rate rises. However, studies show your body is not necessarily working harder in hot yoga. Science says hot yoga is not that much of a difference, it just feels good for people. But why?

When people spend time in hotter rooms it can be strong enough to boost moods. Why? Because those who have used infrared sauna in terms of body heating claim that it makes them feel happier. On top of this it releases feel-good hormones like oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine. While there have not been any formal studies on this people claim they feel much better. On top of this doctors claim as well that those who use saunas get great stress relief. If you combine the mediation and yoga it can be very beneficial.

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