Is Working Out Twice A Day Good For You?

Summer is almost here and people want to get in shape quick! This means that you want to eat healthier and work out nonstop. We see people working out all the time and getting in really good shape. This sometimes gives others the mindset of I have to work out more than once a day. But is that really the best thing for your body? Let us dive deeper!

What are the pros of working out twice a day?

Well, when working out it does have a good effect on mental health as you get more relaxed and feeling good. When you exercise, your body starts pumping out chemicals called endorphins which give you a positive feeling. When you work out once you get this when you work out twice you get this again. Mental health positivity can never get too much love! Also, getting small 15 minute or 30-minute sessions in during the day does make sense versus a straight one-hour workout for those who have time restrictions. Overall if your goal is to lose weight and not necessarily build muscle then getting in a workout twice a day could be beneficial for you. However, there are risks to working out twice a day.

What are the risks of working out twice a day?

Working out the body twice a day can have some drawbacks. Your body can get overloaded and not get enough time to heal which can make it difficult to build muscle which is good for burning fat. If you are invested in building muscle, working out twice a day may not be beneficial for you. When you work out your body not only needs the right protein, hydration, and nutrient to heal and perform the next time, they also need their rest. The bottom line is that if you are doing two intense workouts twice a day your body will not have enough time to recover putting yourself in a situation where you are not building muscle and potential injury.

Overall if you are doing two mini workouts that are not too taxing and you are looking to lose weight it is okay. However, if you are doing two big workouts that are putting a lot of stress on your body, you may want to consider toning it down. No one wants an injury that puts them out for weeks due to working out too much. The key is to listen to your body, it will tell you when it is overworked.

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