How Many Days Should I Work Out For?

So now that you have committed yourself to exercising consistently now you are looking for the optimal amount of days to workout each week. This is a great question!

The optimal amount of days you should work out for each week would be three to five days a week or about three to five hours of physical exercise. This tends to produce good results.

However, if you are looking for more extreme results or you are training for something such as the iron man this level of training may not do the trick for you. It really depends on what your goals are prior to picking a workout plan. However, aside from working out, there are some mindsets to have prior to making the decision to get healthier and getting to a healthier weight.

Getting healthier more effectively:

Again, it is fantastic to want to get healthier, but make sure to keep these important reminders in mind prior to starting your journey!

  • First things first. Step out of your comfort zone. Working out is no easy task, especially when you are switching your routine, going to a new location and trying new workouts. Remember, the only way to make positive changes to your body health-wise is by doing a positive thing. This includes mixing it up, changing the intensity, repetitions and so forth. Higher repetitions and lower weight means getting more cut and defined, fewer repetitions and lower reps means more muscle and mass gain for strength.
  • Feel free to try to get some free weights into your weekly training. This is a great way to mix it up even further when it comes to your workouts. Free weights also allow a more comfortable feeling however make sure to start light before going heavier if you are newer.
  • Remember that there are three pillars of training, not just the actual exercising alone. There is the training, sleep and nutrition as well. When all three are being followed properly optimal results are more likely to happen as you are giving your body the proper rest and nutrients it needs. When you sleep you allow your body to heal and repair which leads to the body coming back stronger. With nutrients such a protein powder this allows your body to also heal and repair which leads to your body coming back to the next workout feeling stronger.
  • Remember that taking a break is okay. Listen to your body as it will go a long way. If you are hurting make sure to listen and take a break. If you are feeling good and energized try and move forward with getting a workout in.
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